disassemble the disposable

Let's take a look inside these vapes. We find the container for the liquid to be vaporized as well as the technology needed to heat it up once you take a puff. 

The disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries like the ones we know from smartphones and are therefore theoretically rechargeable. However, most of them will end up in household waste. 
Every month you dump an iPhone battery!
Products become single use products by taking away the possibility to recondition them. The reasons for developing something like this are simple. A manufacturer benefits when the customer has to buy again after each use & the customer benefits from the convenience of not having to wash, refill or recharge the product. A development that, thanks to the laziness and indifference of society, is entering new product sectors. Recently, I have noticed an increasing number of disposable electric toothbrushes, and I was wondering what would happen to the batteries and the technology once they were thrown away. However, the most frightening product that is currently gaining popularity are the so-called vapes. Electric cigarettes which vaporize a liquid by heating. A principally good alternative for old-established smokers. The aforementioned e-cigarettes have been around for years and consist of a battery module and a liquid tank, which can be recharged or refilled when empty and therefore used for a long time. The latest development of these products, does not allow this recycling process. You buy them, smoke them and as soon as they are empty you throw them in the trash. The shocking thing is that the hardware that is actually needed for repeated use is built inside. An electronic product that is unusable after use and most of it is not appropriately disposed at the end of its life. A product category that makes smartphone upgrades look ridiculous, a product category that should be banned.

source: https://www.at-schweiz.ch/at-blog/einweg-e-zigaretten
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